Our range of aluminium gates is perfect for those looking to strike a balance between strength and ease of use without sacrificing visual appeal. As a lightweight alternative to wood or metal gates, our automated aluminium gates can be fitted with above and below ground automation and are available in swing and sliding formats, depending on the opening space you have available.

KANTUM Sliding Gate
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Why choose aluminium gates?

Aluminium is a fantastic material to work with when making gates, due to its low weight, relative strength and hardiness.  Our range of aluminium gates reproduces the most popular styles of traditional wooden gates, wrought iron and contemporary gates and as a material, aluminium is lighter than steel and wood, leading to less wear and tear on automation systems. It also has the benefit of not being prone to rust, corrosion or warping, and with the right preparation can last for a long time with very minimal care and maintenance – and we are on hand to provide what little attention our aluminium gates need, as and when necessary.

Safety is paramount at Countryside Automation and all our automated gates are fitted with safety features including Magic Eye style sensors to prevent any person or vehicle being injured or damaged by the closing gate and we can also fit sensitive edges for that extra peace of mind.  Our surveyor will guide you through the range of safety options available.  Please refer to the HSE website for the up to date gate safety guidance.

A wide range of access control and CCTV options are available to allow access to the property, including intercoms, keypads and remote controls.  Our Surveyor will discuss the full range of options with you.

Our aluminium gates


If you require any further information about our range of aluminium gates or would like to request a quote, please contact us.