The importance of maintaining control over vehicular access to your property and efficiently managing traffic flow is often overlooked, but if you are to maintain to secure, safe and efficient working environment it is something which should be taken seriously.

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invest in your business' security with AUTOMATED traffic barriers ​

Barriers are a simple and effective way to help you control vehicular access to your commercial property.  

All of our barriers are bespoke built for your particular space, with a range of styles and automation options, including single and double arm, both with and without a skirt, We offer heavy duty and regular designs and of course they integrate a full selection of safety features such as photo cells and sensors to detect if there’s an obstacle in the way to closure.

We can also add on extras, such as lights for extra visbility, magnetic locks, lorry height or stop signs and sensing safety edges to ensure pedestrians and vehicles are never put at risk.  We can also integrate the control of your choice, whether you’d like them to be operator controlled by voice or video, self-controlled using a keypad, remote control, key, fob or tokens.

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If you require any further information about our range of traffic barriers or would like to request a quote, please contact us.

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