Countryside Automation's range of automated security swing gates are a great option if you have lots of space at the entrance of your commercial property for the gates to open in an arc. They're available with above ground or below ground automation and can be produced in wood, aluminium, or metal.

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Why choose security swing gates from countryside automation?

Swing gates are perfect where space isn’t an issue and can add a grand and imposing aesthetic to a property, and when combined with one of the various control options that we offer, can transform your property, making it more private and more secure, without any compromise in style or aesthetic.

Because our automated swing gates are bespoke built for your specific location they fit perfectly within existing posts or we can install a new post if this is the first time you’re installing gates on your premises.

All of our swing gates employ safety features to prevent injury or damage to vehicles.

Whether you’d like us to install a simple above ground ram or arm for operation or prefer the aesthetics of an underground gate operator, we can install your control of choice to ensure your automated swing gates operate as smoothly as possible.

As all of our gates are bespoke-built, you can specify the finish you’d like – whether wood, metal, aluminium or metal-framed – and we’ll make sure they fit in the space you require.


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If you require any further information about our range of security swing gates or would like to request a quote, please contact us.