Rising chains make an excellent deterrent across commercial driveways, allowing you to close off an area without the need for a bulky barrier. The system works by placing a bollard on either side of an opening, with a chain hanging between the two. The bollards lower, allowing you to drive over the top, and then raises automatically to close the gap – what could be simpler?

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why install rising chains from Countryside automation?​

Rising chains are often a more elegant solution than a raising arm barrier in many of the same applications and don’t look out of place when installed at commercial properties, offering a flexible option for both.

They can be installed with a range of different automation options and are an extremely versatile product, as they can be used across almost any size of opening. Rising chains also allow you to create a barrier without ruining a view, which is perfect if you live or work in particularly picturesque surroundings.

The supporting bollards are largely unobtrusive, but can be set back into brickwork to make them even less apparent, giving you more control over the aesthetic of your project. Radio gear and photoelectric beams ensure your safety, stopping the chains if there is something between the bollards, be it a car, pet or a human, and the chains usually rise to full height within 9 seconds.

In terms of maintenance, rising chains require very little care, and as long as the chain and bollards are used correctly it’s very rare for them to degrade in any way, so you can be assured that your investment will last for years to come.

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